Fortune Health Care Ltd. manufactures Super Fildena medicine a dual action medicine that treats two different sexual conditions with combination of two different active ingredient in medicine. This tablet is used to relieve erectile dysfunction in men, whereas Dapoxetine 60mg in medicine overcomes premature ejaculation. Action mechanism of medicine enhances sexual performance and allows impotent men to attain and maintain stronger erection for long time. Medicine starts its action mechanism within 30 minutes of intake with effectiveness that lasts for longer time. Unique combination components in medicine are famous amongst men troubled of ED & PE issue. Medicine in all relieves issue of swallowing different medicine for treating impotency issues as whole.



super fildena tablet delays the climax and resolves the issue of untimely ejaculation. Due to this the man might have prolonged sessions of lovemaking sessions. The active components in the medicine is also known as anti-depressants and they work sensationally on the neurotransmitters of the brain.

Other chemical in this medicine is inhibit the enzyme is called PDE5. This enzyme is blocks normal blood flow in the penise by clogging the arteries. The component broadens arteries channel and shall further normalize the flow of blood by relaxing muscles of the penile, further it shall provide long and stiffer penile erection for intercourse.



It specially developed for a men who don’t want to swallow tablets. All you do is place the Supper Fildena under your toung and wait till has completely melted. Best drug for older adults who have difficulty in swallowing because it has more easily swallowed than tablets.



The recommendation has to first come from the doctor. Generally, the Super Fildena dosage starts small at around 25 mg, then during the adaptation phase, it can go to about 50 mg. Once the patient gets used to the drug, it can then be taken for up to 100mg of the medicine. But, different patients might have different medical conditions and as such the doctor might prescribe the dosage to be higher or lower than the recommended levels.





With any drug, there would be the need to know the advised precautions, when taking Super Fildena for the very first time. Here are the precautions to be followed for this medicine: If you're suffering from chest pain, heart failure, irregular heartbeat or angina, you shouldn't take this remedy. Suffer from high or low blood pressure, this isn't a drug for you. Have had a heart attack or a stroke within the past 6 months, do not take this medication. Taking other medicines for the treatment of male impotency or Premature Ejaculation Treatment then you shouldn't take super fildena online. after taking this drug, don't drive, it could cause you to feel dizzy. If You're allergic to dapoxetine then do not take this medication.



Keep the Super Fildena pills in same blister pack away from moisture and heat at normal room temperature. Avoid storing drug near reach of children and pets.


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